Welcome to Clever Hans Wookworking

To me, unique means more than “no two pieces of wood are identical”. It means that each board is designed and made individually. My boards are not made by following written plans. They are not sliced like bologna from large wooden constructs. They are the highest form of the art. No less than 5 species of hard wood is in each board. Every part is carefully selected and precision cut to prevent voids and other hidden problems. Waterproof adhesive stronger than the wood is used throughout. An exclusive 12 step sanding process creates a fine, exhibit quality finish unlike any other board you’ve seen. No material will flake off because no lacquer, varnish, or urethane based salad bowl finish is used -- only food safe mineral oil to naturally assure proper sanitary conditions.

You get what you pay for. I am personally responsible for each cutting board and I number and sign each one. If it should ever split or delaminate, return it and I will repair or replace it FREE. In 15 years I have never had one returned!

What is end grain?

When you look down at a tree stump and see the tree’s growth rings you are looking down into the ends of millions of vertically oriented tubes that move sap up and down the tree using capillary action. That is the end grain. An end grain cutting board’s work surface like those above, is a gathering of hardwood pieces arranged with all the grain tubes facing up. Now, when you cut, your knife makes a path between the upward facing grain tubes and the tubes aren’t severed! When you wash your board, the grain tubes will swell to close the path made by your knife. Marks literally heal themselves!

Why End Grain?

Ordinary cutting boards, like the one on the right, are made by using flat planks of wood. When you slice on them it’s like slicing on the top of your dining room table. Your knife cuts into the wood’s surface and slices through the horizontal tubes of grain. The grain tubes become severed, allowing damage, contamination and permanent cut marks. Once the grain is cut, these grain tubes will never heal. They swell and shred away leaving a dry and unsanitary surface which gets more unpleasant with age. Flat plank boards also dull your knife more quickly because as you cut your knife is, literally, sawing through wood.